September 6, 2020

God's Timing Is Perfect

If you know me, you know that in addition to not receiving the spiritual gift of mercy, I am challenged with God moving in His timing, not responding immediately to my prayers, my timing! For many years my Mother has cautioned me repeatedly to “not run out ahead of God!” At some points I thought that was my spiritual gift…running out ahead, helping God find the way. 😊

Seriously, I was reminded again this week that His timing is perfect … since the moment I surrendered and submitted to His Lordship of my life, He has always provided for my needs.

My right shoulder has been damaged for many years...think white water canoeing, mogul skiing, injuries too numerous to count or remember. I have been receiving steroid shots for years until they no longer helped. I became so adept using my left hand, many didn’t even know there was an issue... then there was a timing was aborted again. But God…

In the last several months I have learned to slow down, I have learned to ask for help, I have learned to allow God to speak to me with His words, His timing, His plan. I understand that these are all things I should know, do, and practice. Apparently, God believed a refresher course was in order. I am grateful.

I have seen prayers answered, direction provided, people grow, level up and lean in, to roles that would have been impossible for them a short time ago. I am grateful. No one can pretend that we are in an easy season, that the life we are living could have been predicted in any way a year ago, but God has spoken, provided, cared for, guided, and directed. He has given me a supernatural peace and comfort that can only have come from Him.

I am not special. What He has done for me, He will do for you. Accept His Lordship over your life. Acknowledge you can not do this (anything) without Him. Repent of sins you are committing. Turn to Him. Live His best life for you.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Deb