September 22, 2019

Becoming More Like Christ...Living Our Convictions

Pastor’s Corner

September 22, 2019

“Becoming More Like Christ…Living Our Convictions”

Several weeks ago, I was asked to do something by someone I love, someone very close to me. Our culture would approve if I said yes. I would have been applauded by society in general if I agreed. So why am I telling you? What is the big deal? What I was being asked to do, according to the Word of God, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit in me, is a sin.

Would I set my conviction aside for a person I love but who does not have the same beliefs and convictions as I? Why would I jeopardize my relationship with a person I value, a person I love as much as any person on earth, for the sake of an old fashion belief - a belief that many people wrongly accept as outdated, scientifically inaccurate and unacceptable? Society and many people (friends) have not understood why I have done just that. I love Jesus more than anything this world has to offer. It is the responsibility and joy of being a disciple of Jesus.

It has cost me that relationship. It has broken my heart.

Many times, as our relationship with Jesus grows, people do not understand. We may find ourselves in a changing relationship with loved ones. But very often we are challenged with little choices that are almost right ... or that nobody else will see or know. Will you “cover” for me? Come on .. no one else needs to know … it’s just a little lie … those options are no less wrong. We have opportunities every day to make decisions that, like Eve’s, were portrayed by the enemy to be “almost” what God said. Like Eve, our choice, can have life changing consequences.

The Bible tells us ‘all fall short’ of God’s will for our lives. That means none of us can spend eternity in heaven without having a relationship with Jesus. We cannot do this by ourselves. If you do not know Jesus Christ ... call me ... or someone who can introduce you. Come meet the man who knows all I have ever done … It will change your life.

By His Grace Alone,

Pastor Deb