September 15, 2019

Pastor’s Corner

September 15, 2019

“Your Identity In Christ Changes Things”

Last night we went to see the movie Overcomer. I had heard it was good...worth the time to see it…but as a family yesterday was our first opportunity to see it together.

The movie is worth seeing, but 2 scenes jumped off the screen for me. One was when Hannah declares she doesn’t know who she is ... she feels like a nobody. Hannah is a young woman...a teenager. Many teens struggle with claiming an identity.

I remember this devastating feeling when ‘as an adult’ I experienced this crisis of identity. I had just gone through a divorce, I had sold my real estate brokerage and practice and my children were adults, living on their own. I was not a wife, Realtor or mother. Everything I had I used to identify myself for over 25 years was gone - no longer valid. It is an incredibly lost and insecure place to be anytime- but certainly by 40 I had hoped to not be unsure of who I was.

It was at that time I discovered whose I was! I learned that I am who God says I am. I learned it does not matter what I do for a living, who my birth family is ... or what anyone on earth thinks of me. I repented of my sins, asked God for forgiveness and found my identity in Christ!

Standing on the promises of God, trusting He is who He says He is. When I know who He is - and I’ve accepted Him in my heart - I know who I am!

The second scene was the one that Hannah stated what and who she was based on her identity in Christ. I will leave it to each of you to discover that for yourself; either by watching the movie or reading His Word. Ephesians is a really good place to start!

Love each of you ... and whose you are!

Pastor Deb