Our History

Located on the SW corner of Madison Avenue and 12th Street West in the west end of Huntington, we are surrounded by hundreds of people who need a Savior. Folks who need to hear the Word of Jesus Christ. People who need to feel the Love of Him who came not to judge but to Save! Our growing church is a diverse group of people from all walks of life.

We believe in the Bible, the inerrant word of God. It is our rule of faith. We believe prayer changes lives. We believe we are called to make disciples. We believe in reaching out to the community with the love of Jesus ... to be the hands and feet of the Messiah Christ. We Love God; Love People; and Multiply -- Go and make disciples.

Welcoming, friendly, and non-judgemental, the congregation at Transformation Community Church understands what it feels like to be the new person ...

Church of God, Anderson

In 1881, after considerable thought and prayerful pondering, Daniel Sidney Warner and four other perons separated themselves from church organizations and began to teach the unity of God's people and a life of holiness. That "stand for truth" took place near Beaver Dam, Indiana. Warner was then and continued to be the editor of a periodical called The Gospel Trumpet. In 1886 he began to travel in many parts of the United States with a gospel team holding meetings in school, community buildings, local churches, homes - even brush arbors.

The Church of God honors the ministry of D.S. Warner and his pioneer efforts in evangelism and literature, but no ecclesiastical stature is accorded him or his theology above other leaders of his and later generations.In each generation a number of persons have given significant leadership to the church of God in evangelism, theology and organization. Though at times one person seemed to have more influence than others, always there have been several leaders. This situation has encouraged a reliance on the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

From the Information Found in "Meet us at the Cross"