May 3, 2020

Things May Never Go Back to Normal; You May Need to Create a New Normal

Are you Ready? (YES, I’m ready!) If you are of a certain age, that may have brought to mind the tune from Barbara Mason’s song … but if not – Let’s just ask the question: “are you ready for life to go back to normal?” Or maybe .. “are you ready to meet together as a church family again?” I would guess for most of us the answer will be ‘YES!’ Unfortunately, that answer is ‘no.’

‘Back to meeting together’ will need to wait for several more weeks. As a board, the elders met today and have made the difficult choice to wait a few more weeks. The challenges around making sure everyone is safe are extremely complicated. We are staying on-line a little while longer. Stay tuned for more information regarding opportunities for gathering! (Sooner rather than later!)

Second … back to normal. Really what that means for most of us is ‘back to way it used to be. Back to where we were before.’ Again, unfortunately, the answer is ‘no.’ When an epic event happens, life is never the same again. Over and over I have heard people speak that God will use this virus, this season that allows us to spend more time with Him, this time for His good. I am confident of that. With that assurance we are in prayer, seeking His will for the future of His church. How can we be more like the bride that Jesus is coming back to gather?

Please, pray in agreement with us. The God who brought His people out from the bondage of slavery to the promised land filled with milk and honey can touch our spirit with the actions required to transform our community. He can stir our hearts to make a difference in the lives of people looking for a change in their life. He can transform people, one person at a time, allowing each person to make a difference for someone else.

Join us in this transformation. Our God lives, transforms, and saves!

Blessings and Love to all,

Pastor Deb