May 17, 2020

The Power of Prayer

Prayer … we are to be a praying people. We know this. As of this moment, the Elders are planning to re-open TCC for Sunday morning in-person gathering starting June 7th. More details to come later. In the 21 days between now and then, won’t you please join me in prayer?

Philip Yancy in his book on prayer said, “Prayer is a subversive act performed in a world that constantly calls faith into question.” We, as the people of God, as the disciples of Jesus who gather at 12thSt W and Madison Avenue, are here because we have been transformed. We are here because we are wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people we love and care about. We want our neighborhoods and our community to be transformed.

That transformation can only come about one way. That can only happen when His people pray. Let each and every one of us be the rebellious, dissident voice in the west end calling “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” (Days of Elijah) trusting that He will make the way smooth, clear and well defined. We are standing on the firm rock of Jesus Christ, trusting Him to grow His church, knowing we are being obedient to His commands in our lives.

For now … pray. Pray each day that we will make good decisions, that people will return to the building for a sense of unity and a refreshing of our spirits. Pray with a knowledge that God hears and answers our prayers. Pray with a faith that is sure, and steadfast – with a commitment and a conviction – that we are stronger together and we can do nothing without Christ.


Pastor Deb