June 7, 2020

Our Source of Power

I was talking with a wise friend this week. She is in full time ministry, a busy wife, mom and a student. I admitting to admiring her ability to handle all of the tasks she has, all of the responsibilities she carries and do it all with an incredible sense of peace and calm. That her outlook, regardless of what is going on in life is one of a person submitted to Christ. Think Proverbs 31. 25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. 26 When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.” Now don’t get me wrong … I said she was a friend, and I LIKE this woman. So many of us hear Proverbs 31 woman and start rolling our eyes! (If we are female Lol)

Later, as I thought back over our conversation, several thoughts came to mind. We are all able to tap into the same source of power. We have the ability to choose which action we take to events going on around us, we have the ability not to react with the emotions that may be our first response to a situation. While I support that you have the right to feel those emotions, and they are valid, I submit to you, that while valid, they may not represent truth. So examine those emotions before you act on them.

Second, we do have the same power source. We have the Word of God, the life and salvation and grace found in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit sent by God to be with us at all times. Are you taking advantage of that power source? If not, you are missing out on your ability to be a superhero! Can you imagine Wonder Woman not using her ability to fly or her amazing strength? Me either!

So lets quit complaining, quit whining and get with it! What if … Wonder Woman (aka YOU) showed up at the next challenge? 😊

Love each and every one of you,

By God’s Grace Alone.

Pastor Deb