July 26, 2020

Spending Time with God Puts Everything Else in Perspective

As many of you are aware, or as many can imagine, my email box is full to overflowing each day with “important” maybe even “urgent” emails. Some say right up front that the intent is to sell me something. Others want me to believe that they are providing important information; information that, without which, I will not be able to provide the leadership and growth that Transformation Community Church will require in order to survive the current pandemic. Certainly, we will not be able to “keep up” with the church down the street that already bought the process, implemented the program, or knows all the information.

Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Thank you.

As I have sat here today (in ‘the pastors chair’) thinking, praying listening to God, several thoughts have come to mind. First ... there are many large churches that have yet to be able to gather corporately - for some it is still months into the future. The sheer size of the congregation and the building makes the task of gathering beyond doable. I love that - our small church - we have successfully gathered for more than a month, and while I miss the hugs and co-mingling in the center aisle ... it is a joy to SEE everyone again. As I read articles and opinions regarding the future of God’s church, I am encouraged that the ‘experts’ agree that the relationships between people are the most important. That all the programs and huge buildings will not make any new disciples, but that one on one intentional relationships with people, doing life together, sharing Jesus will! People need and want to see Jesus in real life, in this world we live in. As a small church family, as LifePODs develop, we are able to do that. Being smaller has allowed us to connect with more ... people.

Our weekly meetings, gatherings are less. Less in number, less time in each meeting. Some meetings are strictly on line, zoom, or on the phone. No travel time means less time for the meeting as a whole. With Nathan preaching these 4 weeks for me, I have less time dedicated to writing sermons ... more time to spend with the Lord! Less is very definitely more for me. More time to pray, more time to study, more time to read some of the books I have been trying to read for months!

So what are you doing more of? When I return, expect to hear more of the early church ... the church described in Acts. Expect to hear more about how Jesus will grow His church. Expect to be expected to be more like those first century Christians. Expect more of Jesus ...

Be blessed, be safe,

“Wash your hands, and say your prayers - germs and Jesus are everywhere!


Pastor Deb