January 5, 2020

Called To More

Called to More. 2020 vision…What is going on for Transformation Community Church? And for the Winters …

Seems that both are appropriate topics – sound bites that may be applied to life in the church, and across the street! Called to more...How are we ever to do MORE? In addition to that; How are we supposed to know what we are called FROM; what are we called TO; have we been called FOR something?; in order to DO more? (Are you confused yet? Or just tired!?)

I have spent much time thinking about and praying through these thoughts over the last couple of weeks. Some may have seen the post about a cheesy sermon topic of “2020 Vision” I didn’t go there...but I did read a book and do an interactive Bible study this week on God’s Will. How do we know what He wants us to do? We spend time with Him, we read His Word, we keep our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith. The only one who has never let us down. We listen and be obedient.

Called TO More is the sermon this week – you will have to be there!

We are called FROM a life of sin and death TO a life of freedom in Christ. In that life of freedom, we are called FOR the purposes of the one who saved us, and only FOR His purposes. We have been bought and paid FOR with a price – our life is not our own. Our mission: To Love God, to Love People, to Make Disciples is why we are here. Called FOR more: not a longer list of more, but for more Christ-likeness, for making more disciples, for sharing more love, for being the ‘hands and feet of Jesus more often.

The year 2020 – the perfect time to get 2020 vision – the perfect time to sets your eyes on Jesus and see clearly what His will for YOUR life is! Called to more...it’s time to get moving...to live the transformed life.

See you soon!

Love and Prayers,
Pastor Deb