January 19, 2020

Let God Be God

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46.10. It usually comes out of my mouth with “He is God and I am not.” Neither statement seems to keep me from forgetting their truth. How many times do I want to make the decision, the choice, or take the action before God has provided His answer and direction? Too, too many if I am being honest!

This week, as I studied and prepared to preach on the text of Psalm 46, I had lots of opportunity to just be still. To look at the situation from the perspective of different vantage points. The writer gives us encouragement – the refrain of the poem (psalm) assuring the reader that God is fighting our battles – and the knowledge that without Him, without His intervention, the battle would not be won.

Thank you, Jesus. I am delightfully convicted. I needed (again) the reminder that I do not need to worry, I do not need to fight the battles meant to be Yours to fight … But most importantly, I needed the reminder: I do not need to fight the Lord! I must stay out of the way. Oh my – how many times do I fight to keep and maintain the feeling of being in control? How many times am I unwilling to let the ‘process’ happen? I am all too sure that if it just gets taken care of, completed, the way I think it should be done … it will be good! Not so much.

I am not saying I (we) do not need to do what He says we should do. Sitting on the couch waiting for “God to take care of it” is not the point here. We are absolutely called to do our part. We should not be sitting on the couch waiting for ‘our ship’ to come in: but neither should we be swimming out to every ship that passes by. By prayer and meditation, let’s be at the dock – trusting Him to provide all we need, at just the right time!

Love and prayers ..
Pastor Deb