February 9, 2020

Love Like Jesus

Valentine’s Day is this week. Several of my friends refer to the holiday as “Singles Awareness Day.” Many consider the day a chance for Hallmark, et.al. to guilt people into spending money on overpriced flowers or chocolate. Whatever your take on this holiday ... February 14th is coming up quickly.

Our heavenly Father does not need a specific day to remind us that He loves us. We should not need one either … to remember to show our love for God, or the people we care about. The Bible, God’s Word, is a love story: a love story of a Creator God who loves His people with an unconditional love. He waits only for each of us to accept His love and show our love for Him. As a perfect loving God our ability to love Him should not be difficult.

Loving each other – maybe not as easy. Here in our fallen world, where evil exists, we are – by the law of Christ – commanded to love each other as Christ loved us. We have received love, so therefore, we can share love. But when bitterness, anger, hurt, or disappointment (to name a few) emotions have been allowed to remain and grow, in our hearts, sometimes love is hard to cultivate. They provide a rocky soil where love cannot be nurtured.

Forgiveness is the key – the magic fertilizer that makes a difference. When reconciliation, compassion and understanding are added to a broken or hardened heart – changes begin to take place. In addition to telling someone that they are loved this week – try telling someone they are forgiven. (Even if they are not sorry or repentant!) Just reach out, with the love Jesus showed for you – even while you were still His enemy – and share the love.

Better yet – let’s try to do that every day. The change will be miraculous!

Love, like Jesus did.

Prayers for each and all … and Love.

Pastor Deb