February 2, 2020

Team Jesus

Super Bowl Weekend – Maybe it’s important to you, maybe not. Unless the Broncos (or Eagles) are playing, I ‘don’t have a dog in the fight’ but the commercials are always conversation starters. But what if we did ‘have a dog in the fight?’ What if TCC was playing?

Who would run onto the field just before kick-off? Would there be a whole team; or would it be just a coach? (We might call her PD!) We know she can’t do it all by herself. Several folks have jumped in … they understand the mission and see the vision … and know this is an important game! A bunch of cheerleaders are making a lot of noise!

Who would we play against? Of course – The Enemy! We all know him and his coaches and players! The world sends in a fully staffed, well financed, superbly trained squad of opponents. These folks know their stuff! We call them by different names … busyness, distraction, pride, ego, workaholism, all fueled by television, internet and social media. All designed to keep our focus off the real game we are playing.

Back to the TCC team … how do we turn these odds into our favor? Do we still have spectators that want to stay on the sidelines? When our team huddles-up – do we stay in the huddle only long enough to get the plan and our assignments? Are we committed to a “no one left behind” offense – knowing this is the game of our lives we are playing? Are we Financed, Armed, Trained? (Are we FAT? – more about that later!)

The Superbowl is not for the faint of heart. It takes training, discipline and commitment to even get in the game. It takes unity of vision and mission. We have been given the vision and mission by our Lord and Savior – the “Coach” to ‘go into all the world, making disciples of all, teaching them the commands of Jesus, that none shall perish, but all to come to repentance.’ MT 28.19; 2 Peter 3.9). Can we, like the song says – yell ‘Put me in Coach’ or ‘Here I am, send me!’ Today is the day of decision.

May the Lord grant the desires of your heart – as you grow more like Him every day.


Pastor Deb