February 16, 2020

Stand Firm

We want to make life about the big things ... we want to live on the mountain tops. Many folks look for the highs in their relationship with Jesus. They chase experience and adrenaline rushes and try to make their ‘religion’ all about the feelings they want to experience.

Relationship with Jesus, living life for or with Jesus is about the day to day everyday moments of life. It is living each day walking with Jesus. In the last two sermon series we have talked about listening for and to God and now learning how to fight the enemy that wants us NOT to hear the voice of the Lord.

We know that by his death on the cross and resurrection Jesus has won the ultimate victory against the enemy. But when we do not stand firm on that knowledge we may stumble. How do we stand firm? We stand on the truth of the Word. We must know the scripture and use it as the Sword of Truth that it is. All too often we do not use the authority we have been given. When Eve allowed the word to be twisted in the garden - the battle was lost. What the serpent asked was ‘almost’ right. On the other hand...just as His ministry was beginning, Jesus was tempted by Satan and...using scripture won the battle! When we are drifting back and forth between the culture of the world and standing firm on the word of God we are too easily confused. We lose focus, we lose our foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ and that is just the hook that Satan needs.

This battle must be won. While the ultimate victory is ours - the daily skirmishes make a difference to our community and our lives!

Blessed to Serve,

Pastor Deb