December 1, 2019

Christ Alone Is Our Hope

And this was the week that was … A blessed, ‘crazy busy’ week if ever there was one! Parents in to visit for the week, more family and out of state friends in for the holiday, community Thanksgiving dinner, much good food, fun and friends! A Render the Hearts concert on Saturday night … and oh .. we (Haley) put up the Christmas tree! Blessed beyond measure.

Am I thankful – more than my words can say! But blink your eyes, and just like that we are getting ready for Christmas. It is the beginning of advent – the period of expectant waiting and preparation. We celebrate these weeks prior to the observance of the first coming of Christ as a baby (Christmas) but also as an indicator of hope as we await the second coming.

This first week we light the candle of hope. As Christians we stand on the promises of Jesus – the good news of the gospel – our Hope is in the Lord. The hope of His return. We are instructed to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have – to hold tightly to the hope of His Love and His promise to return for His church.

A time of waiting can be for an answer to prayer, for the end of labor and the experience of new life, for the end of any difficult season of life, for an expected change, for deliverance, for a new beginning, for pain and doubt, discouragement and darkness to end. When dark days come, and we know they will, we have within us the light to dispel the darkness. “Hope believes yes when our circumstances say no” … Jim Lyon. As this season begins – remember – we have the best news to share. Regardless of our age or position, we have within us the Light of the World, the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He alone is our hope!

Hoping and praying for each of you …

Pastor Deb