April 26, 2020

God Is On the Move

I read an article this week by David Fitch, “Finding a Pastors State of Mind.” The title caught my attention, because I have been having trouble identifying my own state of mind as the weeks have multiplied with shelter at home regulations in place.

I am not experiencing anything different than anyone else – cabin fever, claustrophobia, missing eating in restaurants, date night with my husband, concern for the future, desperately needing my church family and community in person in my life – you know … “the usual!”

But I have also found myself reaching out to God more often, and in different ways. I do not believe that COVID 19 is a “punishment” on the earth from God, but it has given me the opportunity to spend time in His Word, in prayer, and in His presence more often, asking what can I learn from this. What can be learned from how we were living; what can be learned from how we were “doing church” and most importantly how can I live more like He wants me to live? What do I need to repent of …? How can my life bring honor and glory to Him?

This quote is the final paragraph in the article I read.

“This virus comes on the heels of some of the worst failures of church in our lifetimes in North America. And now COVID-19 is forcing us to stay at home, be local, tend to God’s working among people in their lives. But if we ground ourselves in God who is present and working among us, if we lead one another via His great presence in faith and trust, if we do the little things of cultivating Kingdom in small interactive spaces, I believe God is birthing something new. Once the coronavirus dissipates and society returns to its daily routines, we will have a deeper, thicker church. It may not look the same as before. It may be less impressive in the eyes of the flesh. But this renewed church will be rich in the life of the Kingdom. In ways we never could have imagined prior to COVID-19, this renewed church will witness to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ, the hope of the world. I pray it be so, Amen!”

I am praying in agreement with you sir.


Pastor Deb